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full name : Astro Miki-Dai

nick name : Azzy

gender : non-binary

pronouns : kin/kins/they/them

age : 15

birthday : dec.17

race : japanese

height : 4'9

weight : 3 pounds because my moms quirk caused her to be lighter than air which passed on to me

language : i speak english but fluently speak french, spanish, and japanese

accent : japanese

eye colour : my eyes are white but when my quirk is activated they turn a light purple

i have horns on the top of my head as well as elf ears and a tail with a small fluff at the end

hair colour/length : my hair color is white with a fade to blue,then pink, and lastly purple, it is very short

hair texture : soft,thick

hair style : shaved on right side

sexuality : pansexual,asexual

talent : art, singing

best friends : doroyagi kiteru

Family/siblings : none

eyesight : normal

backstory : im a villain because all might let my 5 year old sister(aka the last family i had) because it was better for him in the end

clothing style : dark hoodies,jeans

favourite music : mix of everything exept country music and any type of rock

favourite colour : black

house/who do you live with : doroyagi kiteru

what is your quirk : dimensions

what is your quirks range : infinity(diferent dimensions)

what is your quirks power level : 4.5

is your quirk for combat or not : it could be but not regularly

does your quirk have any draw backs : yes,if i overuse it I will pass out or feel like im going to

what is your quirk type : emmiter

when did you start UA : entrance exam

is training easy for you : no

what class are you in (class A, class B, ect) : 1-a

do you have internships : i intern with hawks

are you on a recommendation list : no

what does your hero/villain costume look like

hero costume image

what is your hero/villain name : eclipse

are you good at classes : yes

who is in your classes : everyone from class 1-a