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May 9, 2021: I shifted to my waiting room last night

May 10, 2021: I fell asleep when i was trying to shift

May 11, 2021: I fell asleep again but im not giving up because i know that i can shift

May 12, 2021: I forgot how to do the sunrise method so i couldnt shift

May 13, 2021: I didnt try to shift last night because I was tired.Still super motivated though!

May 14, 2021: Forgot to log yesterday and cant remember what happend

May 15, 2021: Trying out group shifting tonight, will update tommorow

May 27, 2021: forgot to update for a while, group shifting didn't work but i shifted once, and almost shifted again last night. Im going to start using the sunni method(also called the 5 senses method) from now on. Plus its so simple that i can just do it while listening to subliminals!

June 9, 2021: I SHIFTED TO DSMP!

June 10/11, 2021: took a break to catch up on sleep but trying to group shift tonight.

September 16,2021: I forgot about shifting, and my script was ripped up. Im going to rewrite it and try to shift again soon. I miss talking to everyone.